September 12, 2015

Avon Vintage Topaze Perfume In Collectable Hippo Bottle

Avon Baby Hippo Topaze Perfume
I decided that I would start my very first post talking about something I love; vintage perfumes. I have a thing for those fragrances that were popular when I was a teenager back in the 1970's. I have so many scent memories of the perfumes that the women wore around me and those that I wore myself.

I remember loving to explore my Grandmother's dresser top amid the beauty items, lipsticks and jars. She had a pretty pink container of Avon Topaze scented cream. By the time I tried it in 1971, it was almost dried out. However, the fragrance was still as strong as ever. I fell in love with Avon Topaze instantly.

Topaze Perfume Notes

According to reputable fragrance review sites like Fragrantica and  Basenotes, Topaze is categorized as a Floral Aldehyde scent. Some top notes include peach and lemon. Middle notes contain rose, carnation and ylang ylang. Base notes contain sandalwood, amber, vetiver and tonka bean.

 When I dab some on, I can definitely smell a carnation/rose blend. I don't smell lemons or peaches. On my skin, the floral part fades quickly and gets to the best part of the fragrance; the amber and sandalwood.  It's the base notes that makes Topaze so gorgeous. I love the warmth and richness of this scent.

Avon, How Could You Discontinue This Fabulous Perfume? 

There is absolutely nothing like Topaze perfume in this world. Even though I can still find sellers on eBay that have the vintage versions for sale, I use my Topaze sparingly. I would love nothing more than to douse myself with Topaze from top to bottom.

As it is, when I use it, I dab tiny drops behind my ears and on my wrists to make it last. I use it as a remembrance of the good-old-Avon days when even inexpensive perfumes smelled rich and potent. I could rant for days on the quality of today's perfumes and I probably will throughout this blog.

How we are being sold out in today's perfume market is a topic for another post. In the meantime, let me dab on a bit of my Topaze and calm myself with the soothing amber-floral warmth of a beloved Avon classic.