September 22, 2015

Coty L'Origan Cologne Spray Review

1.8oz Cologne Spray
 Good old Coty. The name has been around forever as a supplier of cosmetics and fragrances. When I was young, one of Coty's most famous scents was a light Lily of the Valley cologne called Muguet de Bois. It seems that I have tried them all. Coty colognes were cheap and easy to find at the drugstore.

I got away from Coty fragrances and moved on to more sophisticated stuff over the years. However, there is a nostalgic pull that my girlhood perfumes have over me, so occasionally, I will order an old classic just to revisit the past.

The L'Origan  Bottle
The bottle in itself is pretty and well-balanced. The fluted glass bottom and plastic cap give it some fanciness. It is surprisingly heavy for an inexpensive fragrance. The weight keeps it from falling over.It also looks nice displayed with my other bottles; a plus.

L'Origan Perfume Notes
L'Origan was created more than 110 years ago as a Floral or Floriental fragrance. The name means oregano according to Google Translate. Oregano Cologne...somehow that doesn't work in English, does it?

  • Top Notes- Peach, orange, bergamot, pepper, coriander
  • Middle Notes-Violet,rose,orange flower, ylang-ylang, jasmine, nutmeg, spices
  • Base Notes- sandalwood, musk, incense,vanilla, cedar

Coty L'Origan In Real Time 
  • Okay, here we go, off with the cap. The initial sniff test reveals a spicy baby powder scent. Soft, but not weak.
  • First Spray-Yes, I think I smell roses! I detect some orange and maybe a little jasmine. The florals fade very quickly.
  • After 10 minutes-Now the pepper,coriander and nutmeg are blooming on my skin. At this point, it becomes a seriously spicy scent; very intriguing.
  • Dry down-Alas, after 30 minutes, those tantalizing spices disappear and fade away into baby powder notes.

What I Love About It
What I love is the bottle shape, the history and the nostalgia of using a perfume that was created in 1905. Did French women walk around in their 1905 dresses and hats, carrying parasols and smelling of Coty L'Origan? It's a fascinating thought.

What I Don't Love
Sadly, this isn't one of those attraction "bomb" perfumes that I love. Nobody is going to notice it; including me. It's a baby powder scent. A comfort scent that sits close to skin. What can we say about smelling like baby powder? It isn't sexy, alluring or sophisticated. It doesn't deserve a Skunk Award, but it is a bit of a disappointment in the longevity and silage department.