September 19, 2015

Charlie Gold Perfume-Is This Revlon's Weirdest Fragrance?

Charlie Gold Eau de Toilette100ml
Being a baby boomer that grew up in the 1970's, one of the most popular, all around scents for teens and women back then was Charlie perfume. The original version. With the popularity of original Charlie, Revlon began producing versions of Charlie like Silver, Gold, White and Red.

Let me mention right now that I adored Charlie back then and I still love it today. It is one scent that has always brought me compliments and attention. It's a powerhouse floral, not a wishy-washy watered down fragrance.

Charlie Silver And Gold Were Disappointing

I was curious to check out the other versions. One particular holiday season, I happened upon a Charlie perfume trio at CVS that included one bottle of original, one Silver and one Red. For the Silver and Red; may I suggest The Skunk Award? Phew!

With those two as major disappointments, I had to research reviews about the other versions. I saw that Charlie Gold was classified as an Oriental Floral scent with spicy notes. My nose ( and money) make a beeline for any perfume that mentions spice or Oriental in the same sentence.

I grabbed the big 100ml Eau de Toilette from eBay; the one-stop shop for perfume-a-holics everywhere.

Charlie Gold Perfume Notes

Orange, plum, peach, apricot, violet, freesia, jasmine, rose, cedar, sandalwood, cloves, cinnamon, musk, amber, caramel.

What I Like

What I like about Charlie perfumes in general is the value. You get a huge bottle of fragrance for a very good price. It's always been an affordable option.

What I Don't Like

 This is definitely one case where my idea of spice and Revlon's idea of spice are two totally different things. It's always a let down when you are expecting a certain fragrance experience and get something else.

My Real Time Charlie Gold Experience

  • At first sniff when taking off the cap I get hit with sweet baby powder. 
  • At first spray-I smell a slight hint of cloves, orange, cinnamon, and some floral notes mixed in.
  • After 10 minutes of dry down, I smell my wrist. I get maple syrup dribbled over dried roses.
  • After 30 minutes Charlie Gold has settled on my skin to smell like a maple sugar cookie dipped in fermented greenery.
    Skunk Award

There is something "off" about Charlie Gold. A sour, rotten leaf smell that ruins the prettiness of the fragrance.Looking through the notes, perhaps it is the cedar that is to blame. Surely the Orient smells better than this!

All isn't lost, however. In case you are wondering why my bottle is almost empty, I use it as air freshener. All of my perfume fails end up with three outcomes; I give them away, use them as air fresheners, or mix them with my other perfumes. Once I finish this bottle of Charlie Gold, I wont be getting another.