December 26, 2015

Fairy Dust Perfume Review

Fairy Dust 1oz. Eau de Parfum
When I was growing up, there were only a handful of celebrity perfumes around. Now it seems like every movie star, singer and famous athlete has jumped on the bandwagon to market their own line. I have purchased a few scents from celebs like Mary Kate & Ashley, Tova Borgnine and Jessica Simpson that left me highly disappointed.

Because I like strong and powerful perfumes, I got the impression that celebs that live in warm climates like California and Florida always make wishy-washy, light and airy beach scents that dissipate before I put the cap back on. However, the name Fairy Dust for a perfume can be too tempting for a scent maniac, so I purchased a 1oz. bottle of the Eau de Parfum.

Paris Hilton Surprised Me
 When I think of a fairy sprinkling her magic dust around, I picture an ethereal scent cloud of garden flowers and leaves raining down on my head. I was incredibly surprised by the glamorous ambiance of this fragrance. It is a beautiful gardenia blend that smells rich, sophisticated and elegant; much like Paris herself. I am amazed at the quality of this one.

You can easily find a 1oz. bottle of the Eau de Parfum version online for less than $9.00. It smells much more expensive than it really is. If you like gardenias, you may love this one. It's certainly a budget-friendly purchase.

Paris Hilton Fairy Dust Perfume Notes:
  1.  Top Notes of  Orange Blossoms and Peonies
  2. Middle Notes of Peach, Lotus and Gardenia
  3. Base Notes of Musk, Patchouli, Vanilla and Cashmere
 The Fairy Dust Bottle Design
 As you can see from the picture, the bottle is shaped in a tapering style; wide at the top and narrow at the bottom. The bottle top has an interesting art-deco pleat design that reminds me of  vintage perfume bottle stoppers. The fairy etching is light, but has a lot of artistic details. This fairy wears high heels. When you take off the bottle top, the spray element is blue to match Paris Hilton's signature on the cap band.

My Real Time Scent Experience
 Upon taking off the cap and just doing a sniff test, I get a whiff of the Lotus notes and a bit of something musky/ floral like creamy Gardenias.

At First Spray: Yes, I smell Orange Blossom and a slight hint of Peach. The Cashmere pops up next, followed by a tiny hint of sharp Peony flowers. After a few minutes, the Gardenia comes out in full bloom.
After 10 Minutes: The Peony comes out again adding a crispness to the rich Gardenia scent. I don't smell any Musk and certainly no Patchouli. I catch a whiff of something "branchy" and green; perhaps the Lotus. If I hold my nose to it, I swear I smell celery.
After 30 Minutes: I smell the Musk and the Gardenia. This is where Fairy Dust blooms into that rich floral fragrance on my skin. I wish I could locate the Patchouli note, but I cant. In the end, Fairy Dust clings on like a warm Tuberose fragrance does.

What I  Don't Like  
I really don't have anything negative to say about this pretty perfume. Okay, the top-heavy bottle can make it prone to falling over easily if you accidentally bump it. That's about it.

What I Love About Fairy Dust
Although the bottle is top-heavy, it has a flat, sleek profile that makes it great for carrying in your makeup bag. I carry my Fairy Dust in mine. I use it to spray my hair as a pick-me-up. I have used it to add scent to my dried out car air freshener tree.

With so many overpriced celebrity perfumes out there that disappoint, Fairy Dust has been a pleasing buy for me. Just the fact that the notes last on me and keep some decent silage means that I plan to keep a bottle of Paris Hilton's Fairy Dust in my collection.