January 12, 2016

Patchouli Sumatra Review

Patchouli Sumatra 3.3 oz Eau de Parfum Spray
Just like musk, patchouli is one of those notes that people seem to love or hate. Some of us can take small amounts of the stuff and be happy with it. Others, like me, appreciate the scentsational effects of a strong patchouli perfume.

One particular day, I was in the mood to find some new perfumes to add to my collection that were based almost entirely on patchouli. After a little online research, I stumbled upon a few Patchouli Sumatra by Jeanne Arthes reviews.

After reading words like strong, long-lasting, powerful, spicy, oriental and a patchouli-lover's must have, I had to try it. I picked up the big 3.3 oz. Eau de Parfum.

The Bottle Design-Tassels & Flocking
The first thing I noticed was the substantial weight of the glass bottle. Even the cap has a noticeable weight that few other perfumes have.

You get a cute little yellow tassel hanging from the cap and the front of the bottle has a velvety flocked pattern in yellow. This one stays put and has never tipped over. The fragrance itself is the amber color of maple syrup or strong tea.

Patchouli Sumatra Perfume Notes

Although there is little found about the category and notes of this scent, I classify it as a straight up oriental/ gourmand. Patchouli? Yes, definitely. Perhaps some coriander, vanilla, amber and incense as well. Although described as a feminine perfume, I don't particularly find it a girly scent at all.

Real Time Experience
  • At First Sniff From The Spray Nozzle- Wow, a very pungent patchouli spice scent emanates from the bottle. The spice is very prominent here.
  • The Initial Spray-A powerful note of boozy amber sweetness mixed with slightly bitter notes of resinous patchouli.  After a few minutes the fragrance can only be described as what you would smell if you dipped patchoui leaves in maple syrup and roasted them over an open fire.
  • After 10 Minutes- I sniff my wrist and get a sour/ bitter hit of woody leaves with a slight undernote of sweet spice.
  • After 30 Minutes-As the fragrance drys down, I am pretty much left with the scent of campfire smoke on my wrist. The leafy bitterness of the patchouli is still lurking, but that dratted maple syrup note makes me smell like a Brandy flask.

What I Love About This Fragrance
It's different. It's like nothing out there. The bottle is adorable and looks pretty just sitting there. The scent is resinous and uses patchouli in a very unique way. Whatever the spice notes in it, I love the idea of what Jeanne Artes was trying to create; something exotic and Mata Hari-like.

What I Don't Care For
Patchouli Sumatra seems to die down quickly on my skin. As powerful as it is on initial spray, it does a disappearing act in record time.  After a while, the fragrance becomes too sweet like the gourmands I dislike.

My Recommendations

If you enjoy sharp, resinous notes with a little syrupy sweetness, smokiness and mystery, you may like Patchouli Sumatra by Jeanne Artes. It's not an expensive perfume. I can say this; you won't smell like any other woman out there with this highly unique perfume.