April 17, 2016

Cabochard Eau De Toilette Review-The Sultry Librarian Scent

Cabochard Eau De Toilette Spray 1oz
Can a perfume with leather notes like Cabochard actually smell good? The first time I read that Cabochard had an unusual blend of notes that included leather, I tried to remember if any of my old scents had ever contained a leathery note. No, I don't think so. The last scent I remember with this note was my Grandfather's Old Spice aftershave.

History Tidbits Behind The Cabochard Fragrance
This perfume has reached the halls of classic because it was created in 1959 by one very interesting lady by the name Madame Gres. Something about her trip to India inspired her to commingle those scents into one great fragrance. She is also known for another classic, Cabotine.

The Bottle Design
Simply elegant are the words I use to describe my bottle design. The container itself is thin and sleek and feels nice in the hand. The etched 3-D bow is lovely and makes a girly statement extraordinaire. Pretty! However, the girly bottle hides an un-girly secret.

What You Read About Cabochard Online
I enjoy reading what other people have to say about fragrances, especially unusual scents like Cabochard. The extreme varying opinions can be incredibly interesting to read.  On a positive note, Cabochard has been described as smooth, bold and sophisticated. Those who hate it mention gasoline, bug spray, men's aftershave and just plain stinky. How is that for differing opinions?

Cabochard : French for stubborn or headstrong

Cabochard Perfume Notes
There are so many notes that it could explain the wide variety of responses you get from all the different noses out there.
  • Top Notes- Sage, lemon, spices, fruits, aldehydes
  • Middle Notes-Rose, ylang-ylang, geranium, orris root, jasmine
  • Base Notes- Oakmoss, sandalwood, coconut, amber, vetiver, patchouli, leather, tobacco

Trying This Fragrance In Real Time
Here is my scent experience in real time as it happens:
  • Cap off and first sniff- An old leather purse that someone spilled rose perfume on is my first impression when I sniff the spray nozzle.
  • At first spray-Okay, here we go. Spray on wrist. A burst of lime, immediately followed by the most intense floral bouquet cloud with roses and geraniums prominent.
  • After 15 minutes-At this point, something stinky and most unpleasant begins to peek through the florals; perhaps the orris root. My wrist smells musty, sour and a bit metallic. This is probably where the bug spray comments come from.
  • After 30 minutes-Here comes the leather note in full force. It replaces the sour, musty scent with a fragrance that smells like rose perfume in a library of vintage books after the librarian had a cigarette. Rich, heady, mysterious. Stubborn? Perhaps.
  • Full dry down after 1 hour-After an hour, I smell my wrist and what I am left with is a warm oakmoss, woody-leather residue with all traces of floral notes gone.
Patchouli? If it's in there, I didn't smell it and I am a patchouli hound. Coconut, no. None. Sadly, whatever sandalwood or amber notes it contained, didn't bloom on my skin. The burst of lime I mentioned turned out to be a lemon note instead.

What I Love About It
Other than the pretty bottle, I love having perfumes with an interesting story or person behind them. Cabochard lets me experience the wild spectrum of perfume blending uniqueness. I love thinking I have a scent that was invented 57 years ago that reminded somebody of her trip to India. When other perfume-aholics discuss their Cabochard reviews, it's great to have some on hand for a re-sniff.

What I Dislike About It
It's not a quick-spritz for casual times scent. Cabochard is meant to be worn for something that requires a statement. The biggest disappointment is probably how I feel when I wear it. I rarely reach for it because I have to be in one those moods where I need to make a major don't-give-a-hoot announcement. In other words, Cabochard is perfect for those rebel-without-a-cause-moments.

My Personal Recommendations

If you are looking for a classic floral, this is not it. I would recommend Cabochard all day and everyday for the perfume collector simply because this is one of the most unusual perfumes on the planet. It really is a love it, hate it, or curio scent at best. For me, it's a curio.