January 07, 2017

Guess Seductive I'm Yours-Fruit, Floral, Patchouli Or Musk?

Guess Seductive I'm Yours Eau De Toilette 1.7 oz
Can anyone out there who has a perfume weakness understand why the word seductive on a scent bottle draws us in like ants to a picnic? This one certainly did.

For me, fragrance has a job to do. It has to provide either comfort, mystique, glamour, nostalgia , or make me feel more alluring when I wear it.

I can't remember the exact time or place I picked up my bottle, but it was probably after reading that it was an affordable oriental-patchouli scent worth trying. Normally, I consider Guess a brand name for the younger crowd, but I had to smell the patchouli for myself.

The Bottle Design Is Ultra Cute

 The design of the bottle is both elegant and cute at the same time. The weight is substantial and well balanced. It sits beautifully with no fear of tip over. It's a little hard to see the whimsical pink fishnet detail on the back of the bottle. The scent liquid itself is pink. The attached charm is very girly and fun. I love the bottle on this fragrance.

Guess Seductive I'm Yours Perfume Notes

According to the online scent fairies, Guess Seductive I'm Yours is classified as an Oriental fragrance with the following notes:
  • Top Notes -Passion fruit, peony
  • Middle Notes-Lily, Orchid, Magnolia, Tiare flower
  • Base Notes-Patchouli, musk, vetiver, vanilla, woods

My Real Time Fragrance Experience

  • Sniffing The Nozzle-When I take off the cap and take a sniff, the first thing that hits me is a woodsy musk; not unlike a men's cologne. It reminds me of vintage Aqua Velva, no kidding.
  • On First Spray-Kapow, licorice! My poor confused nose smells nothing but licorice. After a few seconds, the passion fruit and floral notes begin to blossom forth. Gorgeous.
  • After 15 Minutes-It gets very interesting here. The passion fruit is still there, but underneath I get fresh, green floral notes. I can't pinpoint any one floral note as they blend completely with the passion fruit. At this stage, it's a fruity-floral.
  • After 30 Minutes-Although I can still smell the passion fruit, it is fading a little and the musk notes are beginning to appear. I get a sour note of something mixed in with the musk.
  • An Hour Later-As I smell my wrist an hour later, I swear I smell tuberose although I know it isn't one of the notes in this fragrance. It is more woodsy now, but that passion fruit is tenacious and turns my scent to marshmallow. What happened patchouli? Where did you go?

What I Love About This Scent

Guess Seductive I'm Yours is just unique enough to make it very different from everything else I have in my collection. It's one of those scents that I reach for when I just want to experience a "yummy" fragrance hit. I also love that it doesn't quite fit the title of a true oriental to my nose. Surprisingly, it tends to cling tenaciously to my skin, although the aura isn't far reaching.

Things I Don't Like

My biggest disappointment is with the description of seductive. I don't feel that this is quite the alluring Mata Hari scent I had hoped for. It is more of a flirty, youthful kind of perfume with just a hint of mystery. The patchouli note here is nonexistent, sadly. Drat!

My Personal Recommendation

Guess Seductive I'm Yours is the perfect experimental perfume. Depending on your personal skin chemistry, you will find that it can blossom on you as a fruit, a musk, a gourmand, or a woodsy floral. If you have a curious nose, give this one a try. If it is an oriental, it's a light one that trails through musky, fruity woods of subtle spices and sweetness. It really does smell nice; in a yummy-foody kind of way.

So, what is Guess Seductive I'm Yours? To me, it is a fruity gourmand with a very passionate passion fruit note that hangs on for dear life.