March 08, 2017

Avon Night Magic Evening Musk

Avon Night Magic Evening Musk. With the words Night Magic in the description, you might as well consider it a top curio fragrance of epic proportions. I can't tell you how many positive reviews I read about this scent before deciding to get myself a bottle.

I vaguely remember trying this fragrance way back in the 1980's, but couldn't recall whether I liked it or not. Night Magic Evening Musk has been around forever. It's one of Avon's cult classics.

The Avon Night Magic Evening Musk Bottle 

 You don't see many dark blue glass bottles of perfume out there, so I give Avon some credit for the shade. Of course, the dark blue is meant to mimic the night sky and match the theme of the fragrance. The bottle itself is a flattened oval with a black plastic cap. The shape makes it prone to tip over. 

Testing Out The Magical Notes  In Real Time

 Night Magic Evening Musk contains Aldehydes, Neroli and Lily of the valley in its top notes. The middle notes contain  Jasmine, Rose and Ylang-ylang. Base notes include Amber, Incense, Sandalwood, Cedar, Vetiver and Musk.

  • On First Sniff-From just sniffing the cap, I get a slight amber scent laced with an unusual chemical backnote.
  • On First Spray-Eee gads, this is horrific. My nose is bombarded with the scent of Raid bug spray. The odd chemical notes live on and on. If these are the aldehydes, they smell more like formaldehydes. Lily of the valley? No. Neroli? No. Chernobyl? Yes!
  • The First 15 Minutes-Alas, the stinkfest continues. My skin is hanging on to that awful chemical note. If I press my nose down firmly against my wrist, I can barely detect what could be baby powder. Unfortunately, the baby has been dipped in embalming fluid.
  • After 30 Minutes-Jasmine, Rose, and Ylang-ylang? No. Just the same Raid with baby powder smell, only softer.
  • Fully Blossomed Dry Down-Sour embalming fluid sprinkled with baby powder. That's it.

Where's The Magic? Did I Miss Something?

 How disappointing not to experience a bit of magic from this Avon classic. So many women adore this scent and proclaim the wonders of how good it smells on them. It has been described as a floral on some, musky-sandalwood on others, and a soft, powdery skin scent on others.

Here is the magic part about Night Magic Evening Musk; you need to have a certain type of skin chemistry or this fragrance is not going to smell good on you. It's just going to smell.
It now makes sense that  the very bottom of my bottle only has a large gold sticker with the word FLAMMABLE on it.

To Recommend Or Not To Recommend, That Is The Question

You smell
I had to give this a lot of thought because we are all so different when it comes to the perfumes we like. If you are looking for a soft powder scent or want to have an Avon classic for your collection, try it out. If you are looking for a sexy, noticeable musk fragrance for an alluring night out, forget it.

In my personal opinion, Avon Night Magic Evening Musk is one of the most poorly named fragrances ever created. Having a magical night wearing a musk scent surely has to be more exciting than smelling like sour baby powder.

It isn't pretty, nor sexy. It doesn't create much magic for the evening. It's just plain odd. There is nothing that distinguishes it as a fragrance to be worn at night; unless, of course, your date is taking you to dinner at Chernobyl.

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