April 23, 2017

Jovan Musk Cologne Spray-How Much Water Can They Add And Still Sell It?

I started wearing Jovan Musk in 1975. Back then, all I needed was a few
strategic sprays and the gorgeous silage would fill my bedroom with amazing scent. Not only could I smell it all day, but the compliments from others lasted throughout the evening.

Jovan's original formula for the musk cologne spray was richer in color than what they offer us today. Less alcohol meant the notes could really meld and come alive. Anyone who wore this scent in the 1970's will definitely know the difference. Today's rendition is technically a rip-off and I'll tell you why.

Vintage 1970's Color
Modern Color

 They have watered this scent down so much, that by the time you put the cap back on, it's over. That is not the Jovan Musk experience of yesteryear. This was one seriously sexy perfume back in the day. It was your man-magnet fragrance because the longer you wore it, the better it smelled.  I cannot begin to explain how upsetting it is to see these wonderful classics diluted into low-quality copies of their former selves.

I can understand that some of the musk fragrances that were rich and musky back then came from real animals and were outlawed. However, that is no excuse to water down the remaining notes.

If they keep at it, pretty soon Jovan Musk Cologne Spray will look like water. And smell just as weak. Normally, I would give you my real-time scent experience, but if you can imagine lightly scented alcohol water with floral/ musk tones that last less than a minute, that's my experience.

So what am I going to do? I might try what is considered the more concentrated version, Jovan Musk Oil Perfume Spray. It has a richer, darker look, although in this day and age, it could have color-enhancing dye in it. My second choice is, of course, eBay for the vintage formulas. I know that I can't control the fragrance industry and some of their unscrupulous business decisions, but it sure feels wonderful to vent!